Panasonic EVA1 (4K)

Sony FS700 w/ Odyssey 7Q (4K Raw or ProRes)

Sony a7s ii (4K) 

Canon 5d ii (HD)


16-35, f2.8

24-105, f4 (IS)

50, f1.2

70-200, f2.8 (IS)

100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L (IS)

Camera Support

Ronin M (camera stabilizer used when we want smooth shots when walking with the camera)

Motorized slider (6ft or 2ft) (mainly used as b-cam for interviews or time-lapse)

8ft jib (for achieving smooth craning shots)

2 x HD Manfrotto tripod


Boom pole and holder

Sennheiser AVX wireless mic


Dracast LED Fresnel 2000 & 1000 watts

K4000 Daylight LED Studio Panel


Elinchrom 600RX (x2) 

Einstein E640 Flash Unit (This strobe is powerful enough to combat the sun [650watts]. External battery power available to bring on location. This is my key light on studio shoots for still photography)